Generally a questions arises WHO AM I ? In the race of being best in life we forget what we are ? Now being a part of a modern world we all want to be best in the fields we choose to be the medium of life . Medium ? What is medium ?

  1. When a child takes birth in this world parents are the ones who chooses the medium of living life of that child , what if they choose to make that child learn alphabets , may be they will let that child play entirely or they make that child do both and then the time comes up when the child grows into someone and chooses his medium of  life which can be any profession.  In that race of being best in those mediums you have chosen for yourselves  suddenly a question arises who am i ?
Who am i ?  Am i a Doctor ? Am i a Lawyer ? Am i a President ? Am i an Artist ? Who am i ? Am i a Girlfriend?
Am i a Boyfriend ? Am i a Wife ? Am i a Husband ? Who Am i ?  Am i a slut ? Am i straight? Who am i ?

In race of protecting yourselves from the judgements of others you try to be best in the medium of life you have chosen for yourselves.
Trying to be the best in the medium of life ,
Are you still  protected from those judgments ?
Are you still protected ?
Are you?
No, you can never be protected from those judgments? But Do you even care ?If yes then why? Are those judgmentals are helping you in your life , I don't think so  if someone is judgmental for you then that person can only be an obstacles for you in living your life to the best . Who is judgmental ?Me? Your friend? Your parents ? Your uncle? Your aunty ? Who is the judgmental? Is it you? Ohh my god!  You are a judgmental ? Seriously? Are you the one judging your self before anyone ? Are you the one who thinks twice before doing something which makes you happy  , thinking the judgments of judgmental ? If yes , then stop! Stop for once. Stop before you will never be able to get the answer who are you?
Stop being best in the mediums of living your life , for stopping those judgments which you yourself passes on your self first, stop .Just stop!

Ask the question again to yourself who am i ?
After forgetting all the judgments , all the mediums everything in which you are trying to be best.

You will get the answer .
You are most beautiful human who  just wants to live life , you are a person who wants to love someone ,  who wants to enjoy without thinking about anything,you are a person who need not be dependent on the medium to live your life ,you are a person who knows who you are ? 


  1. Yes i know very well .who i m.
    And i am happy and love myself alot ..i am the only one who give me a strength ..I am the only one who love me alot ..I am the only who makes me sad and make me feel happy..I am everything to me..And i love myself

  2. Yes, i know that , iam a alone person in my life. But i am trying to change my life

  3. Any person who come across this blog nd tries to actually amend this
    All in real life can get to know about ownself nd worth living ��������


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